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Rekommenderad av Whiteguide 2006-2018

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Food menu

Lammet & Grisen on Öland is most certainly one of a kind. Both the restaurant building and the concept are unparalleled, the speciality being spit-roast lamb and pork. The meat is carved to order right in front of you ensuring that you get exactly what you want and how much of it you want.

Great wine

Lammet & Grisen is a tenfold winner of the ’Munskänkarnas Vinkrog’ award. Assessments are made based on prices, wine handling, glassware, range etc. The restaurant has been recommended in the White Guide for ten consecutive years; 2006-2017.

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We offer a great range of different


Great knowledge 

  • Sommelieres/Wine Stewards. Our knowledgeable Sommelieres would love to help you have an awe inspiring wine experience.
  • Food & wine in combination Lammet & Grisen has a wine group that consists of five people. Four of the five are Sommelieres, who test hundreds of wines before the start of each season. First the wine itself is assessed. If the wine is found to be interesting, the wine is tested in combination with the food and its suitability assessed. Sometimes sauce or a dessert recipes for example, are adjusted to better suit the wines in a wine package. The level of acidity, sweetness, saltiness and bitterness are crucial. This process is carried out several times. On account of the simple fact that the wine group often has contradictory views makes the process a challenging. Nevertheless well worth the effort since the result is a perfect combination of food & wine!

For the group

We can offer wine tasting as a complement experience to the main course.

Lammet & Grisen is the perfect group venue! We recommend that you commence the evening by enjoying refreshments on the lovely roof terrace – with its wonderful views across the moors of the nearby nature reserve.

The generous concept of roasted and carved lamb and pork encourages socializing and a relaxed atmosphere. The rustic décor with its benches and long tables enhances the uniqueness of the experience. The professional entertainment and possibility of dance makes Lammet & Grisen your first choice for your next group booking!

Groups generally prefer to come to us by bus. Below are some local bus companies that our guests often use:
Silverstrands: + 46 485-26150
Sättra Buss: + 46 485-560085