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Öland / Sälen

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The Menu

The menu at Lammet & Grisen offers plenty of original appetisers, entrées and desserts, but also a few classics. Our speciality main course is: Roast fillet of lamb, pork and beef and a variety of quaint cuts , all carved by the chefs in the restaurant. This year´s new addition is flavourful spit-roasted lamb from the region.

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The Wine Cellar

The Wines

The first pages shows some easy choices and wine by the glass, followed by the complete list with around 1150 references. You will find lots of rarities at unusually low prices. Enjoy!

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  • Sommelieres Our knowledgeable Sommelieres would love to help you have an inspiring wine experience.

    Food & wine in combination Lammet & Grisen has a wine group that consists of five people, of which four are sommeliers. They taste hundreds of wines before the start of each season. First the wine itself is assessed. If the wine is found interesting, the wine is tried in combination with the food and is assessed. Sometimes a sauce or dessert recipie is adjusted to better suit the wines in a wine package. The level of acidity, sweetness, saltiness and bitterness are crucial. This process is carried out several times. Taking into account that the wine group often has contradictory views makes the process challenging. However well worth the effort as the result is a perfect combination of food & wine!