Our Signature Dish

Certificate of Excellence

Rekommenderad av Whiteguide 2006-2018

Lammet & Grisen’s specialty and pride is…

Roast fillet of lamb, pork and beef, spit-roasted lamb, crispy pork belly and the Chefs beef sausage – carved by the chefs in the restaurant.

You choose any amount of sides yourself from the grand buffet– more than 30 fantastic vegetarian and vegan friendly dishes, gratins, gravies, etc. An additional buffet for the children is offered.

Origin – as locally produced as possible!
Fillet of pork: Snellman, Jakobstad in Finland. 
Crispy pork belly: Småland/Sweden
Fillet of lamb: free range grass-fed meat from New Zealand
Spit-roasted lamb: Dalarna/Sweden
Fillet of beef: Småland/Sweden
Beef sausage: Dalarna/Sweden

Price  539 SEK 

For children between the ages of 3-15 years the price is 19 SEK per year, for example 95 SEK for a 5 year old. Or book a time slot with Family Offer and receive a FREE main for children between the ages of 0-7.